Family Learning is about families learning together, parents bonding with their children and using cooking as the fundamental tool. Family learning can run in conjunction with your LEA or as a school funded community cohesion project.


Cookign2Gether covers all of the fundamental aspects of eating from; fat, salt and sugar content of food to reading food labels. At present we are working with Gateshead Council’s Family Learning click here for a course near you. However, Cooking2Gether can also be run through your school independently as part of your community cohesion projects.

Cooking on a Budget

In a world where money is becomingly increasingly tight for many, we offer opportunities to plan, shop and prepare delicious healthy eating recipes for families on a budget. Schools have also found the benefit of teaching Financial Capability and Achieving Economic Well Being.


There are links to literacy in almost everything we do and cooking is no exception.  From quickly scribbling down a recipe you found in a magazine, reading an article on the benefits of healthy eating or naming wild and wonderful tropical foods.  Cooking4Life we build upon those literacy skills and encourage Participation through indirect learning and giving a hands on approach.


Temperatures, weights, measures, averages, timings, percentages, money skills ...all useless right? Wrong.  They can all link to food and all have a practical application in life.  At Cooking4Life we aim to show our learners how the importance of numeracy and how knowing some simple tips and tricks can make life so much easier!  Our fun sessions end with a tasty meal that you have made using your new found skills!

What you're saying....

  • I learned how to cook. I went home and cooked some of the recipes we learned with my children and they loved the new experience.

    Lisa Coogan 01 February 2012, 21:53:00

    I said I wouldn’t try your food coz it had vegetables in but I loved it! Plz cum bak.

    Chelsie (Aged 11) 11 January 2012, 03:59:00

    I learned loads on this course that I didn’t realise. Nick had a lovely manner with both children and adults alike.

    Siobhan Andressen 21 December 2011, 00:15:00
  • I learnt from Nick that healthy eating is fun.

    Wendy (Age 7) 12 December 2011, 14:40:00

    I really enjoyed cooking with you today because I never really get to cook at home and it was a new experience for me.

    Annabel (Aged 7) 18 November 2011, 23:40:00

    I didn’t like mushrooms but Nick asked me to try them and I now love them!

    Michael (Aged 9) 16 November 2011, 01:41:00
  • Letting my son help prepare the ingredients has encouraged him to eat things that he used to say he didn’t like. He has become more open to trying new things.

    Susan Palmer 02 November 2011, 21:46:00

    My Best School Day EVER!

    Katherine (Aged 7) 12 October 2011, 23:03:00

    The excellent course was presented in a way that allowed the children to have a hands on approach to cooking.

    Michelle Cooper 09 August 2011, 22:08:00