An integral part of school life is the opportunity for the schools to embark on a whole school project. At Cooking4Life we have supported and enriched a diverse range of themes that enhance the curriculum and children’s learning.

No theme is too difficult and we strive to work alongside teachers to ensure active learning that brings each theme to life in our own unique way.

Demonstrations, small group sessions and working with the community are a variety of ways that Cooking4Life can assist in making your school theme successful. We have examples listed on this page, but for ideas on your specific topic, please call to discuss.

  • French Day
  • MFL Day
  • Book Week
  • Health Week
  • Sports Week
  • Red Nose Day
  • Eco Week
  • Circus Week
  • Homelessness
  • School Fundraisers
  • Charity Work

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What you're saying....

  • I learned how to cook. I went home and cooked some of the recipes we learned with my children and they loved the new experience.

    Lisa Coogan 01 February 2012, 21:53:00

    I said I wouldn’t try your food coz it had vegetables in but I loved it! Plz cum bak.

    Chelsie (Aged 11) 11 January 2012, 03:59:00

    I learned loads on this course that I didn’t realise. Nick had a lovely manner with both children and adults alike.

    Siobhan Andressen 21 December 2011, 00:15:00
  • I learnt from Nick that healthy eating is fun.

    Wendy (Age 7) 12 December 2011, 14:40:00

    I really enjoyed cooking with you today because I never really get to cook at home and it was a new experience for me.

    Annabel (Aged 7) 18 November 2011, 23:40:00

    I didn’t like mushrooms but Nick asked me to try them and I now love them!

    Michael (Aged 9) 16 November 2011, 01:41:00
  • Letting my son help prepare the ingredients has encouraged him to eat things that he used to say he didn’t like. He has become more open to trying new things.

    Susan Palmer 02 November 2011, 21:46:00

    My Best School Day EVER!

    Katherine (Aged 7) 12 October 2011, 23:03:00

    The excellent course was presented in a way that allowed the children to have a hands on approach to cooking.

    Michelle Cooper 09 August 2011, 22:08:00